There once was a man from...

Welcome to County Limerick! We left Glin Castle and headed south (notice a pattern yet) towards the Dingle Peninsula. Dingle is located here in southwest Ireland in County Kerry. We merely passed through County Limerick. We'll pass through again, and I'll save my jokes till then.

The drives along the Irish coast are spectacular. The only thing missing from these photos are the familiar droves of sheep. We also failed to find any berries growing along the roadside.

Just prior to arriving in Dingle you get to cross the Connor Pass. I am not sure but I think this is a two lane road.
Dingle in the Irish language is Daingean Uí Chúis. Daingean means fortress and Uí Chúis is generally accepted as translating to Hussey . . . Fortress of Hussey, the Husseys being a Flemish family that came to the area in the 13th Century.
You can imagine my excitement to visit a small fishing town full of hussies. The main tourist attraction in Dingle is Fungie the dolphin. We got our tickets and hopped aboard waiting to be amazed. The first 20 minutes or so we didn't see anything except the chase boat and beautiful scenery.

Then Fungie appeared and our boat listed starboard as everyone rushed to see.

Here's what we've all been waiting for.

After eating some tasty food at pub I can't remember the name we headed to the Shores B&B. Here is the view from our bedroom. Notice the cattle grazing next to the beach. They're living the dream.

Whew, that was another busy day.


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