Bantry House

It's day 10 of our Ireland tour and we're about as far south and west as you can get. That leaves us only 4 days to drive back across to Dublin, with many stops in between. Thank God this car is a rental, cause I'm beating it like a rented mule.

Bantry House is a stately home overlooking Bantry Bay and is located here in County Cork on 45 acres.

This photo was taken at the top of The Hundred Steps looking west. These steps bisect the gardens that rise up the terraced slope of the hill, as seen below.

Unlike most of the gardens we've seen, these are not walled. I guess that is due to the steep terrain. The flowers were so bright from the noon sun I had take a few photos.

While we were wandering around the gardens we met another couple from Fredericksburg. They were the McCartys who owned White Oak Equipment. He was excited to learn that his company sponsored my Little League Baseball team about 20 years ago. I think one of his sons went to high school with my sister. Small world.

After the reunion we wandered all three floors of the house. I must say their paint choices take a little getting used to.

The front yard was the last stop on this tour and did not disappoint. Tennis anyone?


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