Theach Mhucrois (Muckross House)

Close your eyes and think back to Sunday, May 20. If you were me you'd be touring Theach Mhucrois in County Kerry, Ireland, with a short redhead and a tall blonde. is good.

Back to the story. Muckross House is located here on the Muckross Peninsula between Muckross Lake and Lough Leane, two of the lakes of Killarney, about 4 miles from the town of Killarney.

We bought our tickets and wandered around waiting for the next tour to begin. Near the cafeteria we found yet another sign desperately needed in America.

The tour was very informative and is highly recommended if you're ever near Killarney. Our tour guide spun an engaging tale of Kings and Queens, fire escapes and societal decline. You also got a tour of the entire house from the boudoir remodeled for the Queen's visit to the enormous kitchen. Like most Irish tours photography was forbidden.

After the tour we hiked the beautiful grounds out toward the Torc Waterfall.


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