Kenai Fjords, Part 1

Seward is analogous to Denali in as far as wild life is concerned. Therefore, my advice to you is also similar to my advice on Denali. If you're in Seward take the Kenai Fjords cruise. I know I enjoy making fun of oldsters and their love of cruises but this was awesome. We saw so much and took so many pictures (332) that I'm going to break this up into several postings.

Upon boarding we procured a sweet table on the port side with a great window. After the short safety brief we were on our way. I can swim, what me worry?

We barely got out of view of Seward when a Dall sheep wandered down the steep granite toward the beach.

It looks treacherous, but all in a days work for this guy. He was exploring the beach in no time at all.

After a while the sheep ascended back up the mountain and we continued on to the next wildlife sighting.

Like Denali, Kenai Fjords tourists have a mental list of the wildlife they want to see. At the top of the list is the humpback whale. We saw quite a few on our trip.

I guess I got lucky on the timing with that one.

And of course further down we saw lots of seals, lazing around.

Dang, they can sleep in any position.

In Part 2 we'll cover glaciers, tasty dinners, skipping stones, and text messaging.


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