Ireland is not user friendly

If you've travelled in Ireland you know what I'm talking about.

First of all is the driving. The lack of road signs is horrible. Add to that the road names change willy-nilly. Mix in driving on the wrong side of the road and it is a recipe for frustration. The speed limits are a joke. I think they post them as a challenge. Most of the roads we've traveled have had 100 kph posted speed limits. The narrow roads, pot holes, rain, and curves keep you under 70. Heck even the locals complain about the road system. Did I mention the narrow roads?

Second is the bathrooms. The light switch is not even in the bathroom. It is out in the main room. Most of the time the sink has two faucets, hot and cold. The hot water is on the right (wrong) side. The toilets also flush differently. You can't push the lever and assume it will flush like in every other civilized country. Nope, you have to "pump" the lever to create enough force to clear the bowl. They also have the smallest showers. I don't think Ireland had 6'4" Americans in mind when they built these things. The last few I've come across have been about 30 inches wide with the shower head right around shoulder level.

Not sure what tomorrow holds but I hope it has larger showers.


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