Dublin [expletive deleted]

I am trying hard to reflect fondly on Dublin. But what comes to mind when I think back are things like "where the &*#% are the @#%$ street signs?!" and "who &#^$% came up with this *&#$ !#@& street layout" as we coast through yet another traffic circle in an ever growing circuit around Dublin. I guess Dublin is like Washington, D.C. - there are some great places to visit, but for God's sake don't go by car. I wonder if you can safely stay out after dark in Dublin. God knows you can't in DC.

Well we were going to be in Dublin for a few days so I figured I'd try to adjust. I was happy just yelling "Out of my way, I'm American!" but Susan didn't want any international incidents. Thank God there's Guinness. It helps restore my patience to pre-jet lag levels.

After parking the rental at the hotel we decided walking was the best option.


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