Base Camp Kenmare

Our time in Ireland is winding down. Thankfully our next days' activities will revolve around Kenmare. This means we don't have to move every night like a pack of Gypsies. Kenmare,a quaint little town in County Kerry, is located here. It has small footprint, basically three streets forming a triangle. Roads leading into and out of town meet at the each corner.

Kenmare really caters to tourism as it is lies on the Ring of Kerry and the Ring of Beara. It is because of this convenience that we're calling it our base camp for the next few days.

We explored Bantry House in the previous entry. Later that same day we visited the Kenmare Stone Circle.
The Kenmare Stone Circle is reported to be the biggest in the south west of Ireland. Stone Circles were built during the Bronze Age (2,200-500 B.C) for ritual and ceremonial purposes. They were often orientated on certain solar and lunar events , such as the position of the sun on the horizon on a solstice. The Kenmare example may be orientated on the setting sun. In the center of the circle is a Boulder Dolmen, which is rather unique. Dolmens often marked the burial place of someone important.

The photo above was created by pasting two images together. My lens just wouldn't go wide enough.

As we ventured back to base camp we realized we hadn't done any laundry in the 10 days we've been here. (I think I'm running out of clean boxers) Our next stop was the local laundry mat. After laundry we headed to my favorite event of the day - Pub Dining!

The next day's activities included a tour of Derrynane House, the Staige Castle, and horseback riding. Onward!


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