The last (and 6th) stop on our first day was Yardenit, the Jordan River Baptismal Site.

It is believed that Jesus was baptized here by John. Others claim Jesus was baptized farther south near Jericho. I'll have to ask Jesus to settle the argument when I see Him.

Here we had a baptismal remembrance worship service. I can't remember my baptism since as a Presbyterian I was baptized as an infant. I guess it doesn't matter, since infant baptisms really only benefit the parents and other worshipers. I would argue that infant baptisms are more of a dedication than a baptism, but I'm no theologian.

Appropriately our reading was from Mark 1:1-11. Our hymn was "Be Thou My Vision". Below Allen and Al provide the litany.

In addition to our group there was a group from Africa that was conducting full immersion baptisms.

After our service many of us collected some water in bottles to take home. Just in case some emergency baptisms are required. :-)

Thankfully our bottle survived airport security and the baggage handlers.

This concludes our first day of touring Israel...and I slept great that night.


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