Exhaust upgrade

Today I arrived home to find my new Magnaflow exhaust system had arrived.

I got the complete header back kit from Magnaflow for 66-72 Chevy C/10s. Everything is included including the pipes, mufflers, and mounting hardware. Every component is stainless steel so it'll last until the Second Coming. Look how purty those mufflers are gleaming.

You can't see it very well, but the piece de resistance is the true X tube at the front of the bed. This will help with exhaust gas scavenging.

My plans for this weekend include installing my set of Hooker headers and the Magnaflow exhaust kit. It's a shame I didn't get the ceramic coated headers to match the stainless steel exhaust. The simple, black painted headers saved Susan about 230 bucks though. She bought them for our first wedding anniversary. Nothing says love like a set of headers.

My dad told me my truck was loud enough with the 2 inch exhaust and "Blue Streak" glass pack mufflers it arrived with. Don't get me wrong, the glass packs sound pretty darn good. But the headers, a 2.5 inch exhaust and Magnaflow mufflers are gonna be freaking great. The neighbors will be yelling "Honey grab the kids!" as I rumble down the street.


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