Dave's Jeep

Dave's Jeep was hauled away Monday, March 3, 2008, after more than 15 years and 224,000 miles of reliable service.

She was born in 1987, in Toledo, Ohio. She then headed to Southside. My dad purchased her in June of `93 to replace the `83 Buick Electra I was driving at UNCW. The last three years of college we spent a fair amount of time fishing and digging up the beaches at Fort Fisher and Carolina Beach. How she made it through college is a testimony to Jeep engineering.

I was able to call her my own in 1998, having purchased her for the grand sum of $1. Below is a picture of my nephew Chris and me at my house in Spotsylvania. I imagine this photo is circa 1998, which would put Chris around 2 years old.

The last few weeks she developed a massive oil hemorrhage due to blow-by. We've been through a lot together, but it was time to let her go. She went to the Kidney Cars program, helping the National Kidney Foundation.


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