70 Chevy

Back in 2006 I bought a truck off eBay. It then made its way from Boise, Idaho, on a car carrier to Virginia. She wasn't born in Virginia, but she got here as quick as she could.

It is a 1970 Chevrolet C/10 shortbed. The power plant is a 307 small block mated to a THM-350C. Overall it is in great shape, even the original paint.

The `70 Chevy category will contain updates on where it is, and where it is going.

Currently she is sitting in the garage, sans engine. The original 307 is being rebuilt. The machine work is complete. It was washed and the cylinders were honed. The cam bearings and freeze plugs were replaced. I also had new connecting rod bolts installed. The last step of block prep was applying a few coats of Chevy Orange.

I've measured all the important clearances, such as main bearings, rod bearings and even valve to piston clearance.

Now we wait for warmer weather to finish engine assembly.


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