UGS and Algeria

My employer makes UGS. Now these UGS aren't sold at Best Buy for Harry Homeowner. Nope, our customers typically run with (or after) a pretty rough crowd. This allows me to travel to some unique and exciting places to help with product demonstrations, server installations and the like. You may remember my last trip to Germany. One of the most exciting in recent years was a trip to Algeria in North Africa. After 11 immunizations, procuring a few weeks supply of Malarone, and several Visa applications, Dick and I flew out of Dulles on my birthday in 2005.

Our flight to Paris was great - we flew Business Class. I had about 6 inches of extra foot room, even with the seat in full recline! The flight across the Mediterranean Sea to Algiers was interesting. We flew First Class with Air Algerie, which only means we get the first row of the airplane, and a meal. As you can imagine Dick and I stood out like sore thumbs. Especially when it was time for salat. Again, Dick and I were the only ones not offering prayers to the moon god.

Our accommodations in Algiers was with the Sheraton Club des Pins Resort and Towers. It is quite possibly the nicest hotel I've ever visited. Good thing, we'd be spending a lot of down time here. While we waited for others to arrive we enjoyed Tango beer and Cuban cigars.

I could get used to this.


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