Wha chew ka

I had never visited the American Southwest until last June, when work sent me to Fort Huachuca in Arizona.

Great, Arizona in June. This will be awesome.

And it was hot, but at 4800 feet it is quite comfortable, especially compared to Virginia and our high humidity.

The first thing you notice while driving in from Tucson is that thing in the sky. The locals call it the Hector Detector, but it is technically an aerostat. Here on the border it is aimed south and obviously used for surveillance. I took this photo aboard Fort Huachucha.

Here is a link to other photos of the aerostat.

After work was complete I hiked a bit around Fort Huachucha. There are some really nice trails. Unfortunately I had crappy shoes and no water, so I didn't get very far. But I did get some nice pictures.

I had this feeling that I was being watched all the time. I bet the guys with the aerostat watch all of the idiots that hike without proper equipment (like me) and laugh.

After working up an appetite I headed to an oft overlooked gem - the world's first McDonald's Drive Thru.

This historic landmark, along with many other fast food restaurants, are located on Fry Boulevard.


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